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At Pro-Home Inspection, we never stop learning. This is to ensure we are up to date on the latest construction, engineering and home systems that are in use.  Below is a list of cutting edge technology we use to provide superior service.    Most of these services are free of charge!

Drone Flight:

Image by Samsung Memory

We always love getting on roofs, but there are times when it isn't safe to do so.  We utilize drone technology to ensure we have the best knowledge possible regarding the roofing system.  We can also provide excellent aerial photos and videos if requested.

We are currently using the Mavic Mini from DJI.  Lightweight and stable while also allowing the use of prop guards, ensures a smooth worry-free flight.

Image by david henrichs


Utilizing a boroscope/endoscope will allow us to see in all the nooks and crannies that are sometimes missed.  I especially like it for use on HVAC systems!


*At Pro-Home Inspection we love all the new gadgets that the industry has to offer.  They do come in handy as an addition to our standards of practice.  However, we still firmly believe that crawling under houses and climbing on roofs is the best method for inspection.

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